Artist Statement

I investigate defunct city blocks, rural communities, industrial landscapes and the subcultures that exist within them.  My curiosity in these sites is a function of my interest in the spaces of abjection. Part of my process involves physically examining these spaces. When I immerse myself within a place my awareness of the psychological effects of these spaces is heightened. I start by gathering materials such as used mattresses, debris, abandon furniture, and children’s toys.

Once in my hands, I work intuitively as the objects begin to transform.  Experimentation plays a large role as I discover ways to draw on the duality of the attractive and abject. Within these moments, I focus on the unexpected conversations between the engagements of materials. For example the outer layer of the mattresses are stripped and are treated with household liquids – ink, motor oil, coffee and soap. This interacts with an additional layer of silicone to acquire a glossy ‘just used’ quality. The casted off objects are assembled and then abstracted through multiple layers of wrapping and concealing. The rusted and grim surfaces contrast with the shine and glimmer of silicon and plastics.

An additional layer within the work references the body and investigates both the primal and sensual seduction of sexuality.  Through drawing and sculpture these abstractions suggest both vaginal and phallic forms in nonspecific ways. Hair-like lines or strips of pink plastic wrap around the protrusions in an effort to transform and reshape both the physical object and physiological relationships.

Amber Cobb is a Colorado based artist, living and working in the Denver area. In 2011 she received her M.F.A. in Sculpture from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since graduating she has created a diverse body of work that explores the duality of the attractive and the abject. Cobb has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions both nationally and internationally. This includes xiao shan xiao at the Hunan Province Art Museum in Kaifeng, China, Sweat Baby Sweat in Los Angeles, and Direct Connect in Berlin.
She has shown in numerous exhibitions and institutions in the Colorado region including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and at RedLine.
In 2015, Cobb was included in the Thief Among Thieves exhibition at the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art. In 2014, the mattress works were highlighted in New American Paintings, #114.  In 2013 Cobb participated in an artist residency at Demiurge Design where she created her most monumental sculpture to date. Her full size concrete mattress, As I Adapt was included in RedLine’s Not Exactly exhibition. During this same year she was included in the Biennial of Americas and had her first solo show at Gildar Gallery.

Gildar Gallery Denver, CO
Gray Contemporary Houston, TX