Artist Statement

I investigate both the primal and sensual nature of sexuality. I begin with the body as a point of departure by gathering materials associated with psychological and physical intimacy. The materials I employ have undeniable and unapologetic flairs of feminine, yet they do not align with traditional norms associated with the domestic. Here the sexualized body has spread to consume.  Mattresses, stuffed animals, and bedding go through a process of layering and subtracting. The layers are embedded with hair, skin, and corporeal fluids. The surfaces at once grotesque and decorative notions of abjection and attraction find themselves challenged within the same form. These transformations reconstruct and reshape both the physical object and physiological relationships.  




Amber Cobb is a Colorado based artist, living and working in the Denver area. In 2011, she received her M.F.A. in Sculpture from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Cobb has been exhibited in a number of exhibitions both nationally and internationally. This includes xiao shan xiao at the Hunan Province Art Museum in Kaifeng, Millennial Pink at Untitled Miami, and Palettable Relations at Galeria Hilario Galgura in Mexico City, MX. She has shown in numerous exhibitions and institutions in the Colorado region including the Museum of Contemporary Art, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and at RedLine.  Cobb’s mattress works were highlighted in New American Paintings, #114 and her solo show Solace was reviewed in Sculpture Magazine their May, 2016 issue. Cobb is represented by Gray Contemporary in Houston, TX and by Gildar Gallery in Denver, CO.


Gildar Gallery Denver, CO
Gray Contemporary Houston, TX